Integration Technology

Stark Interiors

Stark became involved with Integration Technology as a result of their success in manufacturing and selling specialist print curing lighting overseas, particularly in China.

As a result of this success Integration technology needed to expand their existing operation, based at the now decommissioned air force base in Upper Heyford Oxfordshire. The buildings on this site therefore present their own unique set of challenges as they are typically about 50 years old and are in a poor state of repair.

The works to the chosen building comprised the stripping out of all internal walls, ceiling, electrics, fixtures and fittings. The new works were an application of new plaster to the majority of the walls and then an internal fit out to suit the various uses required. Typically the interior fit out comprised new ceilings and lighting, electrical power, partitions and doors, decorations and floor finishes.

Structurally some internal load bearing wall required open apertures with the necessary structural lintels being installed, and a large opening in the face of the building was required so we could install a new steel roller shutter door for fork lift access. On a more minor level we were required to install ‘bat bricks’ for the colony of bats that inhabit the site, to allow their access out of and into the roof space.

The total area to be refurbished totals some 700 square metres and houses a new staff canteen area with new toilets and kitchens, a new manufacturing area where the clients products are assembled, and a new showroom area, where clients are welcomed.